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Application Of Camouflage netting

1. Fabric selection
Made of 210D camouflage polyester oxford cloth, it has a thicker feel and longer service life. The mesh is made of high-strength polyester (21 strands). The mesh is thicker and has stronger tensile strength. In addition, the surrounding edging and braided rope can improve the camouflage net The stretch and tear strength of the fabric can also reduce the weight of the camouflage net, which is convenient for erection, use and transportation.
Second, the use of camouflage nets

1. Anti-satellite aerial photography, cover mountain engineering, and anti-satellite aerial photography of factory buildings;

2. Military vehicle camouflage, camouflage net is necessary for outdoor training military vehicle;
3. Outdoor shooting, camouflage nets when shooting out birds, you can shoot at close range;
4. Live-action CS, field expansion, live-action CS setting, etc.;
5. Theme scenery, such as parks, bars, restaurants, school kindergarten activities decoration, etc.;
6. Sun-shading and sun-proofing, summer sun-shading and sun-shading, avoiding direct sunlight.
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