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Production Of Camouflage net

1. The production of camouflage camouflage nets should be manufactured in accordance with military camouflage nets or civilian standards.

2. Fabric: Flame-retardant encrypted digital camouflage Oxford cloth. Military camouflage camouflage nets require high strength, chromaticity, no wire jump, not easy to mold, and have strong resistance to weathering and sunlight. Civil camouflage nets can be customized according to customer requirements.

3. Network cable: use standard network cable. Camouflage camouflage nets are continuously connected, durable and long life.

4. Grid: The grid is 10cm×10cm, or other customized according to requirements

5. The area of the camouflage camouflage net is 50 square meters. The camouflage camouflage net connection and the installation of self-locking steel sprayed plastic hooks should be taken into consideration during the production. The edging can be wider.

6. The camouflage camouflage net is based on the existing net, add a longitudinal reinforcement rope with a diameter of not less than 3 mm in the width direction (high strength, weather resistance, long life, moderate or super elasticity and the original net line, weather resistance , Long life, moderate elasticity and ultra-thin belt of the original wire), add 3 horizontal reinforcement ropes with a diameter of not less than 3 mm in the length direction, so that 8 2.5m×2.5m grids are formed in the middle of the camouflage camouflage net.
At the corresponding points of each rope head and net corner, two self-locking steel spray plastic hooks are installed, a total of 16 single pieces. The rope or belt and the network cable are fastened and connected by knotting.

7. The camouflage nets can be assembled without dividing blocks and directions, using self-locking steel sprayed plastic hooks arbitrarily and quickly. After the combination, ensure that each connected rope is on the same line vertically and horizontally, and the net surface is flat.

8. Hemming: Use flame-retardant encrypted digital camouflage Oxford cloth for edging. The hemming should be straight, strong and durable, and ensure proper installation of stainless steel connectors. Can also be customized according to customer requirements