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Some Camouflage Netting Standard


Size: 12*12M one-layer structure camouflage net;
Without cutting the polyester mesh, one side is printed in jungle color, and the other side is printed in desert color.
With flame retardant and anti-near infrared
Manufacturing system:
2 support rods, material: aluminum
2 discs, material: plastic
12 hooks, material: aluminum
12 ropes, polyester braided
Support rod telescopic range: 1.7-4.0m
Packing information: the camouflage net and support system are packed in a carrying bag

1. Material: width not less than 500 mm
2. The length of the roll material: not less than 250-300 meters
3. Quantity reduction-1(1)
4. The faltering material has a core diameter of 100-150 mm (inner diameter) and the surface of the face.
5. Telescopicy roll up to 10 mm
6. No screws waving volume
7. No measurement and short textile parts
Color requirements:
1. White or yellow allowed by light materials
2. The following colors of light materials are not allowed:

Material requirements of the latest camouflage net standard:
1. The material must be dirty with repulsive force on the surface to get a good washing and cleaning of the dirty material.
2. The surface of the material must be smooth, even
3. The surface is the main material without delamination
4. There is no loose shape in welding materials of high-frequency electricity or high-temperature air materials. This means that there is no waving, shrinking or delamination of the material in the welding area.
Material 9.8 oz group, top quality army canvas
5. The ground size is 12* 9 feet. The wall is 5 feet 8 feet tall.
Material 9.8 oz group, top quality army canvas.
Solid water and anti-mildew treatment.
High-quality thread, using lock pin for overall construction and high-quality craftsmanship and quality.
Permanently integrated floor, rugged PVC laminated fabric 450 gms/ M2PVC.
The color of the floor is green
Physical-mechanical parameters of main materials:
1. The weight does not exceed 600-700 g/m2
2. Frost or low temperature resistance is not higher than minus 40-minus 45 degrees Celsius
3. Resistance
· In the longitudinal direction, no less than-100 da N
·Horizontal (cross) direction, no less than-75 da N
4. Weld strength resistance
In the longitudinal direction, no less than 0,4 k N
·Horizontal (cross) direction, no less than 0,35 k N
5. Tear resistance
In the longitudinal direction, no less than 30 da N
Horizontal (cross), no less than 30-da N
6. Flammability, no more than 66 mm/s
7. Water-resistance-24 hours
8. Light-resistance-7-8 balls